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Advantages and Disadvantages of High-speed Aircrafts

High-speed aircrafts details based on their structure and high-speed aerodynamic design

Its speed Its range Its flight time is faster compared to subsonic aircraft More passengers are carried overseas flights due to its speed. Less drag is experienced due to its flight at high altitude.Expensive to build and operate Its  noise levels impacts from cruise flight generated considerable concern Airlines have disadvantage in profitability Circadian dysrhythmia is commonly experienced It could run some risk of radiation for the crew and passengers.

Should the supersonic transport be allowed to take flight again?

I believe supersonic transportation should not be allowed to take flight. Firstly, most people do not want to listen to the noise of supersonic aircraft for long periods and would prefer to reduce their noise.

Secondly, it is extremely expensive to manufacture and use supersonic aircraft, so it is unlikely that many people can afford to ride one. This means that only a few people would benefit from such planes while most will be left out.

Thirdly, most scientists claim that these planes also create much pollution and other environmental damage by emitting large amounts of harmful gases. Supersonic transport would produce more greenhouse gas emissions than regular passenger aircraft and disturb wildlife.