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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Types of Fuel Nozzle

Here’s a comparison on the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of fuel nozzles:

SIMPLEX NOZZLEProduces excellent atomization at high fuel flow and pressure.Low engine speeds and high altitudes result in poor performance.
DUPLEX NOZZLEIn comparison to the simplex nozzle, the duplex nozzle provides more efficient atomization across a wider range of flow rates.It employs a more intricate mechanism than the simplex nozzle since it needs a flow divider.
SPILL TYPE NOZZLEAllows for the return of excess fuel to the inlet nozzle.   Even at high altitudes and limited fuel flows, it is possible to achieve efficient atomization.Susceptible to generating a strong fuel-to-air combination
VARIABLE PORT NOZZLEHas a device that regulates the amount of fuel discharged via the aperture.The process is too complicated, and particles can interfere with it.
AIR SPRAY NOZZLEIt helps to prevent initial carbon production by converting fuel into air particles.Can’t be a standalone nozzle and it has higher possibility of contamination

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