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Computational Aerodynamic Test Exam

Before proceeding to supersonic aerodynamic lessons, here are computational aerodynamic test that will prepare you.

Find difference in drag at 100 miles per hour, at sea level, of

four main struts each 6 ft. long if they are round tubes 3/4 in in outside diameter or

streamline 5/8 in in width and have a fineness of 3.5. (2Pt)

A. Round = 80.2 lb, Streamline = 9.2 lb

B. Round = 50.3 lb, Streamline = 3.4 lb

C. Round = 40.2 lb, Streamline = 4.6 lb

D. Round = 46.8 lb, Streamline = 2.6 lb

Upon which factor does wing loading during a level coordinated

turn in smooth air depend? (2Pt)

A. Angle of Attack

B. Rate of Turn

C. Angle of Bank

D. True Airspeed

The span-wise component of flow over the top surface of the

wing flows______. (2Pt)

A. From wing-tip to root

B. Perpendicular to the wing upwards

C. From root to wing-tip

D. Along the free-stream direction

Consider a normal shock wave with the pressure ratio P2/P1

equals twice the density ratio rho2/rho1. The downstream Mach number of the wave

is (2Pt)

A. 0.53

B. 0.52

C. 0.57

D. 0.54

As air passes through a normal shockwave (2Pt)

A. temperature increases

B. velocity increases

C. pressure increases

D. temperature decreases

A wing with elliptical planform has span of 50 ft and root

chord of 2.5 meters. The wing area is _____________. (2Pt)

A. 30.1 sq meters

B. 27.2 sq meters

C. 33.5 sq meters

D. 35.3 sq meters

The quarter-chord moment coefficient for a cambered airfoil

depends on _________. (2Pt)

A. Chord Length

B. The shape of the airfoil

C. Angle of Attack

D. Center of pressure

20. [Multiple Choice]

How to increase the critical angle of attack? (2Pt)

A. Reduce the camber

B. Increase the thickness

C. Increase the camber

D. Reduce the thickness

30. [Multiple Choice]

At altitudes above sea-level, when flying at maximum velocity,

the rate of climb is (2Pt)

A. Beyond PE

B. Null

C. Equal to that at Max PE

D. Slightly below PE

Which kind of ‘tab’ is commonly used in case of manual

reversion of fully powered flight controls? (2Pt)

A. Spring tab

B. Servo tab

C. Balance tab

D. Anti-balance tab

The tapering pipe is an example of __________. (2Pt)

A. Unsteady uniform flow

B. Unsteady non-uniform flow

C. Steady uniform flow

D. Steady non-uniform flow

Assuming the flow of the wind tunnel is adiabatic, calculate the

test section Mach Number if the temperature in the reservoir of a supersonic wind

tunnel is 519 R. In the test section, the flow velocity is 1385 ft/s. (2Pt)

A. 1.46

B. 1.49

C. 1.42

D. 1.45

A flat surface 5 ft. square is moved through the air at a speed

of 30 miles per hour in a direction perpendicular to its surface; what horsepower is

required to do this? (2Pt)

A. 75.4

B. 74.5

C. 73.6

D. 76.3

Relative wind is defined as (2Pt)

A. the direction of the of the wind in relation to the chord line

B. the direction of the of the wind in relation to lift

C. the direction of the wind in relation to the airfoil

D. the direction of the of the wind in relation to the camber

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