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Earth Science and Aerodynamics Questions

  • Explain profoundly how aerodynamic forces occur on a body?

Aerodynamic forces are pressure forces that act on a surface which is the sum of the pressure multiplied by the area around the entire body. The four main aerodynamic forces are:

  • Thrust is a mechanical force that makes the body move forward through the air.
  • Drag is a force that opposes the body’s motion through the air.
  • Lift is a vector quantity that is perpendicular to the flow or direction.
  • The weight force is caused by the gravitational attraction of the Earth.

  • Why do we assume that air is a perfect gas?

Air under normal conditions of temperature and pressure behaves much like a perfect gas. We assume that air is a perfect gas because the air’s particles have a very weak attraction with each other that gives negligible intermolecular force. Perfect gas is a concept in which intermolecular forces are not considered.

  • What are the possible effects whenever there will be a change in the percentage of chemical composition of Earth’s atmosphere?

The following phenomena might occur if the percentage of the chemical composition of Earth’s atmosphere has changed:

  • Extinction of living organisms because the oxygen they need is not sufficient or other gases such as nitrogen is not enough to boost chemical reactions that produce energy.
  • Change in the weather pattern and climate.
  • Fire-related occurrences might be harder to eliminate.
  • It might longer to decay dead organisms because of the soil’s changed composition.
  • How temperature and kinetic energy within a substance are related?

The temperature is directly related to the value of the average kinetic energy because temperature measures the kinetic energy of particles of a substance.

  • Why is standard value (SSLC) is used for parameters such as temperature, density and pressure?

Standard Sea-Level Condition (SSLC) for parameters is important to eliminate errors in measuring a substance, especially in solving. It will make the result of an experiment more accurate and reliable so many people would come up with the same understanding, results, or measurements.

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