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Jose Rizal’s Novels: Noli Me Tangere vs El Filibusterismo

  1. What does filibustero mean?
    Filibusteros are those people that don’t side with the government and the church handled by the Spaniards. A Filibuster is a “freebooter” who conducts an unauthorized military expedition into a foreign nation or territory to promote or aid in a political uprising or rebellion. For example, Narciso Lopez is considered a Filibustero since he led an invasion to another country to attack his enemies.
  1. What were the struggles that Rizal went through to publish El Filibusterismo?
    Finding a printing shop with the lowest quotation was already a struggle during that time. Rizal had limited funds to pay for the publication, so he sold his jewels and asked his friends and family to lend him some money so he could continue the publication. Rizal was also forced to remove some chapters to budget his fund. The printing was discontinued because of Rizal’s lack of funds, and Rizal felt lost and unmotivated. Valentina Ventura heard what happened and aided Rizal financially to finish the publication. Besides the financial challenges mentioned, the topic of the novel about the representation of the government put him in a critical state of being a persona non grata in Spain.
  1. Choose a character in the novel El Filibusterismo. What does he/she symbolize in relation to Philippine society today?
    In the novel El Filibusterismo, Isagani got involved in propaganda to help other students in the academy. I think Isagani represents a generation of young people whose devotion to their nation is so strong that they are open-minded about what is happening in their economy even at a young age. Isagani represents the hope of the youth to change the country into a better place.
  1. Why did Rizal dedicate El Filibusterismo to Gomburza?
    Rizal dedicated El Filibusterismo to Gomburza because the church conducts mistakes during the priests’ trials. In El Filibusterismo, Rizal expressed his belief that the Spanish government had mistreated them, which caused their deaths. Rizal experienced intense rage and bitterness in response to Gombuiza’s execution.. He dedicated El Filibusterismo to the three priests because they were the ones who initially
    motivated him to undertake his propaganda. In his writings, Rizal describes a variety of wrongdoings committed by some Spaniards against Filipinos and makes a vow that those who commit misconduct will receive a just punishment.
  1. In terms of the themes tackled in the novels, compare and contrast Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.
    Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo discuss how the Spaniards mistreated the Filipinos,how the church abused its influence, and how Filipinos were treated unequally. Both ofRizal’s novels significantly impacted Philippine society regarding nationalism, religiousbelief, and choice of political matters involving corruption and oppressors.
  2. Differences
Jose Rizal's Novels: Noli Me Tangere vs El Filibusterismo
Jose Rizal's Novels: Noli Me Tangere vs El Filibusterismo

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