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Propeller Tractor Type and Pusher Type Configuration

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tractor Type and Pusher Type Configuration

Tractor Type


  • fewer restrictions on construction
  • maneuverability is simple.
  • Propellers with greater aerodynamic stability may aid in cooling the engine.
  • It is less likely that the propeller will touch the ground because it is in front of the aircraft.


  • Loud operation.
  • The pilot’s view may be obstructed by a propeller.
  • Increased rate of drag
  • Propeller is vulnerable to damage because it has less defense against outside debris.
  • The wing behind the propeller cannot provide any lift because of the turbulence it produces.

Pusher Type


  • less noise from operations.
  • not in the way of the pilot’s vision
  • Lower rate of drag
  • provides improved propeller protection
  • There is no need for fuel to pass underneath the crew compartment.


  • more difficult to create
  • Lower risk of survival during an accident
  • Greater likelihood that the propeller may strike the ground during takeoff due to its location
  • Does not help the engine cool
  • Due to the propeller’s usual use in warplanes, it runs the risk of being damaged by incoming bullet shells in the rear position.

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