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NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review: Is it worth It?

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review: Is it worth It?

I saw this trend on Facebook about the NexFan Ultra-Portable Air Cooler last August 2021, but it was this month of September 2021 when I decided to order.

I kept on seeing them online with positive comments and I thought that, “Why not give it a try?”

It’s very hot in the Philippines so if this NexFan air cooler is effective, I’ll recommend it to my friends. So, is my purchase worth it?

First, let us see their promotional content and learn more information about the product.

NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: Promotional Content

NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: Price Philippines

One unit cost 1499 PHP (30 USD) and the buy 1 take 1 offer cost 1999 PHP (40 USD).

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review


      • Quick Cooling
      • Washable and Replaceable filter
      • Air purifying
      • Nano-silver Ion filter
      • Leak-proof design
      • 12 hours on a 10,000 mAh power bank



      • Color: Black or White
      • Power: 10 W
      • Wind distance: 5 ft
      • Blowing angle: 90 degrees perpendicular
      • Max wind speed: 80 CFM (2.4-3 m/s)
      • Cooling Area (sq ft): 107-215
      • Speed mode: 3
      • Noise Level (dB): under 68
      • Water Tank Capacity: 500 mL
      • Leak-proof design: Yes
      • Lighting: 7-color LED


Conventional air coolers take minutes to provide the proper ambiance, but with NexFan, you’ll feel the cold wind in just a few seconds. So, what’s the secret? 


NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: How to Use?

Utilizing an atomizer, where traditional swamp coolers only use a moisture pad.

Provides more spray volume by water depressurization to achieve a rapid temperature drop.

incorporated a 4.8 x 10 cm plant fiber curtain: able to soak in more water and thus allows for more evaporation. 

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review How to use

Three-dimensional corrugated network of wet curtains and a filter

Produce smooth, natural air and a better wind circulation with multiple blowing angles up to 90° apart.

Powerful cooling and assures no headaches, given that the wind does not blow in a singular/localized area.

NexFan air cooler how does it work

Guaranteed Leak – Proof

Compared to other traditional swamp coolers or ordinary fans, it is much more energy-efficient. Charging it with a 10,000 mAh power bank supports a 12-hour service length, which is much more efficient than the leading coolers in the market, especially at a full reservoir of 500ml. You’ll never need to worry about interrupting a full-day trip outdoors.

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review How to use

NexFan Ultra Air Cooler Review

Powerful Cooling Abilities

If you look at the image above, seems good to be true right? All in one? Well, to tell you the truth, it is not a powerful cooler even if you put tons of ice on it.

Air purifier? I don’t think so. It has vertical thin strips of low-quality so-called filters.

Aroma lamp? Maybe? You can drop essential oils on the water but the mini air cooler mist water as a humidifier and based on what I observed, the surface on where you put it will get wet afterwards. Your essential oil might be sticky, and someone might trip over it if you put it on the floor.

As a humidifier, fair enough. It does mist water and turns in to gas compound that makes the room cooler. Kudos!

If you order online, you’ll get a manual, an air cooler, a USB cable, and a filter.

If you look closely, the filter is just strips of low-quality foam!

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review
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What I like about the manual is that is very easy to read and understand, unlike other air-related products I bought.

Someone on Facebook said that her link is a legit branch of NexFan in the Philippines, but I got the product with no logo sticker on it. Seems sketchy.


NexFan Ultra Air Cooler: Manual (Instructions)

NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review manual instructions
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review manual instructions
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review manual instructions
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review filter
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review fan
NEXFAN ULTRA portable air cooler review water tank

Personal Insights


  • Portable
  • Cheap Price
  • Cute design
  • Easy to use
  • USB charge
  • I like the humidifier effect
  • It does exhaust cold air (effective with ice cubes)


  • Narrow range
  • Not an air purifier!
  • False advertisement
  • Low-class fan and filter
  • No receipt and warranty card
  • Not leak proof! False advertisement
  • My small room is still hot after using it for a long time
  • Does not cool the room as they advertised even if I use ice cubes and sunk the filter in cold water
  • The website is not good, and the customer service isn’t responsive

NOTE: NexFan air cooler is not an air conditioning system

At first, I was amazed because of many Facebook posts I read and all the positive comments there. I have not seen any negative feedback about the product that’s why I convinced my family to buy them.

I was very amazed by its advertised capabilities and positive comments that’s why I have high expectations for this cheap product. Plus, a lot of people said that this product is well known in Japan.

After I read the instructions, I tried the product and it works. The fan is working and the light also. I suggest using a mix of cold water and ice and soak the filter in cold water before using it. 

The fan level has 3 power settings, and I tried the max power but I still think it is not powerful enough to satisfy my expectation. The fan inside reminds me of that cheap system unit’s fan blower.

To tell you honestly, I am so confused about those positive comments I saw since I don’t really feel the product is effective on my side.

Nonetheless, it does the work to make a small part of my (small) room colder. But it can only exhaust cold air to my face lol, and the rest of my body is still sweating.

This is my opinion and honest review 😊 If you find the product effective and really like it, good for you! This product is not for me but of course, I’ll use it even more and keep you guys updated. 

Don’t trust anything online! I learned my lesson. I easily believe the Facebook post and every positive comment I read. Who knows, those people who commented might be bias or paid.

If you want to buy your own, I use this link.

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