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10 BEST Study Tips for Auditory Learners to have A++ Grade

10 BEST Study Tips for Auditory Learners to have A++ Grade

Learning through different methods is the most efficient way to understand and memorize topics. Here are the best-proven study tips for auditory learners.

10 BEST Study Tips for Auditory Learners to have A++ Grade

Study In a Quiet Place

Have a decent study corner away from distractions and unnecessary sounds to maximize the time you’re studying and to effectively build a good study routine.

Student studying in study corner table with books routine

TIP: Listen to Lo-Fi music when studying if you don’t have your own quiet study room.


Save Video Tutorials

You can record your online classes or save recorded discussions and rewatch them carefully for the first time. After that, try to listen to the audio only and visualize the illustrations shown in the video. You can also pause the video and try to explain the topic on your own.

Student watching lessons online class video call meeting



Group Study

Asks questions to each other verbally. Having a group discussion will help you to memorize things you didn’t know but others do. This activity is fun and efficient!

Group study learn together with friends classmates


Record your Voice

You might not like the sound of your voice, but this method is highly recommended if you are an auditory learner.

Woman recording her voice using mobile phone

Here are the steps to study using a mobile voice recorder:

  1. Read the topic aloud and record your voice. Use intonation and repeat words you want to emphasize and remember the most.
  2. After reading all the topics, try to ask questions and leave at least 5 seconds gap for each.
  3. Say the correct answer after the 5-second gap. Repeat if necessary.
  4. End the voice record.

You can review your voice record anytime, anywhere. I listen to my own voice-recorded lecture when walking outside.



To easily memorize topics, use this learning technique. Mnemonics associate ideas or phrases with a pattern of letters, numbers, or relatable associations. Mnemonic devices include special rhymes and poems, acronyms, images, songs, etc.


Try Singing or Chanting

Try to incorporate tones in each idea or word to better remember things. You can also create lyrics and relate any songs you like to it. Less effort will be needed to memorize the topics since you just need to sing or chant.

Periodic table song by asapSCIENCE memorize


Read Your Notes Aloud

Go to a quiet room and read your notes verbally. It is effective to remember words and will build up your confidence and knowledge about that topic. Make sure to emphasize important topics and repeat.

Summarize each Topic

After understanding your lesson or reading your notes, try to recite what you remember and summarize the topic using your own words. In this way, you’ll know what topic you’re not familiar with. You can always look back and read again your discussion and try to summarize the topics one more time.


Interpret the Illustrations

Using your own interpretation, explain the illustrations and important details about your lesson aloud without relying on any script.


Auditory Resources

Download different documented lectures and reading materials online and listen to each one of them. You can also use YouTube and Spotify to listen to some podcasts related to the topic.

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