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4 Importance of Education: Role of Education in Life

4 Importance of Education: Role of Education in Life

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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

 A lot of people assumed that Education is a waste of time, and most teens all over the world chose to find a job rather than continuing their education in College. People are taught that education is the power of oneself to make the world a better place. Education is something beyond one’s imagination and it can extend to endless possibilities of changing the world.


Personal Development

Education is not just knowledge we gain from books; we can also learn through our personal development came from our experiences. Education provides stability and financial security. It can provide us with a lot of opportunities to let ourselves grow in the field we wanted.

Set goal as a student to graduate after college


Economic Growth

An educated society is crucial for boosting the economy. Over 40 years, equitable access to quality education can help a country raise its gross domestic product per capita by 23 percent. If everyone has the same quality of education, every country will boost their economy and there will be a sense of equality between white- and blue-collar workers.

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Individual’s Growth

Education boosts our confidence, and we became self-dependent. It lets us choose our own path. By using the power of education, not only it can nourish our mindset and increase our survival rate but also, it can make our dreams come true. You can choose from the thousands of jobs you can do to make a safer world for your family.

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Social Knowledge

By learning at a young age, we can explore and learn the things we like and even make it our career. It teaches us essential things to survive in our everyday life. It has given us our purpose in life that we should strive to develop every day. It is the vital importance that can change people into functional members of society. It thought us what is right from wrong, things about laws and health, proper etiquette, survival tips, house chores, etc.

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To be able to produce a high-quality education, every one of should: learns the importance of education, help others to access education, engage our society to be open to more opportunities by raising awareness and informing others, encourage the government to increase the fund for the department of education, etc. We should all continue to strive and educate people. Remember, education leads to a better future!