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12 BEST WAYS to pass Exam Without Studying

12 BEST Ways to Pass Exam Without Studying

I saw many blogs about how to pass exams without studying but they give tips on how to study effectively before a test. Kind of weird, right? Take this advice from a real student with A++, here are the proven ways on how to pass exam without studying.

Be a Visual Learner

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Many students like to see images for every topic and their interest will highly help them to remember their lessons. You can practice this skill beforehand and be sure to make incorporate visuals in your notes. For example, images, tables, or even the way you take notes.

Me during exam: “Hey, I remember this! This topic is at the top left corner of my notebook.”

Relate? Here’s a pro tip:

Paper topic notes with star remark

Sometimes, I encircle words that I need to remember, highlight them, and put “xD” or star shapes on the upper right hand of the page so I can remember them.



How to pass exams without studying? If your test is about enumeration and has a lot of words you need to remember, use mnemonics all the time and you’ll memories them faster. 100% guaranteed.


Types of Energy NET PING

I choose the word “NET” and “PING” since Energy powers our internet router, and PING is related to the internet.

Nuclear Energy

Electromagnetic Energy

Thermal Energy

Potential Energy

Ionization Energy

Nuclear Energy

Gravitational Energy

Remember every past test, quiz, and exam. Your next test is probably a compilation, repetition, or related to your previous exams.


Listen to Instructions and Read the Guide Repeatedly

For example, you need to write an essay with a maximum of  5 sentences. Since you only need one topic sentence, you just need to elaborate it more in 4 sentences. You don’t need to think more. Use previous examples you remember from your lessons.


Ask Questions before the Exam

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This is the tricky part but very helpful, your teacher might say examples or scenarios that can help you remember the answers for that test.


Scan The Exam First

Skim, scan or read the questionnaire first before you start. Some numbers might be familiar and it helps you to remember something.

Start with easy questions that you are confident to answer. If these items are at the near-end part of the exam, for example, item #32 out of 50. It’s totally fine to answer them first!

If you answered those questions, you could answer the first few sets of items easily.

For example, you saw item #32.

#32. The four types of vertebrates are Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and __.

A. Amphibians

B. Arachnids

C. Mollusks

D. Protozoa

The answer is A.

Then go back to item #2.

#2. Which of the following is not an example of invertebrates?

A. Arachnids

B. Insects

C. Reptiles

D. Echinoderms

Since you already know that reptiles are vertebrates based on item #32, your answer must be C.


Time Monitoring

First thing to do is to answer easy questions, then go to the questions with the most points. For example, the essay part is 50 points. Leave the other questions you can’t answer, so you can go back to them if you have time left.


Make Remarks

If you like skipping questions you don’t know, write a remark, perhaps the number of items you skipped on the front page of the paper so you can easily navigate them and answer them again next time.

How to pass exam without studying

Mind Trick

If you can’t understand the question. Read and comprehend the choices first. If there’s a pattern like the content written on option A is different from B, C, and D. There is a high chance that A is correct.

To recheck this, rephrase the question in your own words and determine if the question matches the chosen option.


Choose The Longest Choice

When answering multiple-choice questions. The most comprehensive and detailed choice has a higher chance to be the right one since your teacher intentionally wrote them down for the students to grasp the lesson.


Trigger Words = Choose FALSE

If you saw some words that you’re not familiarized with, choose false. For example, every quiz you took from that subject, your professor always included this text:


True or false: The law requires students to wear their uniforms inside the campus on weekdays.

Your exam now: The law requires students to wear their uniforms inside the campus on weekends.

Answer: False

Review Your Answers

If you still have time, use your remaining time wisely and go back to your questions to recheck them.


Be Confident

Don’t overthink! Just relax and assume you can pass the test. Make sure to have a goodnight’s sleep and eat before the exam. You can do this!

Do you have something to add? Comment down below 😊

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