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12 BEST WAYS to pass MATH Exam Without Studying

BEST WAYS to pass MATH Exam Without Studying

If you’re having a hard time solving your math practice tests and exams. Here are tricks and proven ways to pass your exam without having a headache.

These ways are used by engineering students to pass their mathematics subjects. If they can do it, you can too!

P.S. I’m a student too 😉

How to pass Math Exam Without Studying?

how to pass math exam without studying student test


Ask for Help

Ask a friend to teach you some shortcuts. They can tell you their tricks and it is easier to understand the topics from the perspective of another learner.


Watch YouTube Educational Videos

There are shortcuts to memorize the formulas and to solve each problem within a minute. Many professors do not teach those tricks to you since they want you to understand it the long way or the traditional way.

Many smart vloggers and professionals can teach you how to solve problems in just an hour compared to your whole semester class.

Trust me, I am a student myself and YouTube channels like Khan Academy and The Organic Chemistry Tutor helped me a lot.


Make A Formula Card

Write down equations in a way that you can remember them. Don’t forget to write the meaning of symbols! You might forget them. Some professors allow their students to use formula cards during exams so better take advantage of this!

It is a great way to start making the formula cards on the first day of your math class so you can compile them along the way.

12 BEST WAYS to pass MATH Exam Without Studying Index card formula card note taking aesthetic


Write down the Formulas

How to pass math exam without studying?

Write everything you remembered on your scratch paper the first thing after exams start. This is not cheating! There are times that you feel nervous, and you think that you might forget the formulas.

So, better write them first before anything else! Make sure to remember the basic formulas.

Math formula write down on notebook exam


Scan the Exam

Read the questions before starting to answer the test. You can analyze the parts that you can solve easily.

How to get 100 on a math test without studying?

Try easy questions first to budget your time. In math, easy questions have the basic principles and formulas, so when you finished answering them, you’ll have ideas on how to solve other difficult problems.


Scientific Calculator

Invest in a modern scientific calculator that has many functions. You can use it for your physics, math, algebra, calculus, or any class with numeric problems.

For college students, buy a calculator that is durable and has a hard case cover since there are chances where you might accidentally drop them. Two-way power is a plus! You can charge them using sunlight.

Back side of scientific calculator with code measurements


Multiple Choice Elimination

how to pass a math test without knowing anything?

A trick to solve questions without spending much time about it is via trial and error. You will use the choices and test them individually. Cross out letters that aren’t correct.


What is the value of X?

X +32^2 / sqrt 12 = 100

casio scientific calculator online equation

Change the X value in your calculator based on the options provided.

A 42

B -195.60

C – 342.32

D 29


If you use A (42), the answer would be 337.60. This is incorrect so eliminate option A. Choose another letter to try.


The correct answer here is B. -195.60.

This is a very helpful board exam tip that every top student use.

Calculator Tricks

If you’re in high school or college, and your lesson is somehow related to finding a missing value or tabulation.

Make sure to watch YouTube videos or search on google about calculator shortcuts and tricks you can use. Your calculator has many settings and programs, you just need to explore them.

This is very helpful in a way that you don’t have to solve it manually, just put it on the calculator and you’re done.

I am a college student, and it helps me ace my physics, calculus, and statistic tests.

  1. Encode the equation
  2. Press SHIFT key
  3. Press “CALC” key (Solve Key)
casio scientific calculator online equation
12 BEST WAYS to pass MATH Exam Without Studying casio calculator online 2


Ask the Teacher

If the math problem is really confusing, save your tears and go ask your professor about it. It might be an error on his/her part or something else. Your teacher can make the question clear for you. During math exams, it is important to think fast and save time.

12 BEST WAYS to pass MATH Exam Without Studying Ask the teacher by a student during exam test


Use Websites

If you have online classes, I suggest that you use any of the following websites to help you solve your math problems:


Make sure you have these apps! Read the blog: 14 BEST Must-have Apps for Students to have HIGH GRADES


Review Your Answers

If you still have time, use your remaining time wisely and go back to your questions to recheck them.


Ultimate Trick: Be Confident

Assume that you are good at math when solving problems. I am not good at math in high school but I pretend that I am good at it. Of course, I solve problems repeatedly and practice items I don’t understand. You can pass the exam, trust yourself!



Study smart, not study hard. Take advantage of our modern technology and knowledge. Use shortcuts instead of long methods! They’re easier and fast to do.


BONUS: When in doubt, Select C

It might sound funny, but this is traditional in our high school to answer an item you don’t know. It is very risky, but most questions have C as the right answers lol. Comment below if you can relate!

I hope this blog helps!

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