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Apple AR Glasses Best Features: Is It Worth It?

Apple AR Glasses Best Features: Is It Worth It?

Having the ability to control objects is one of the best supernatural power that most of us wants to have. Of course, it is impossible to have Magneto’s power in the real world. What if I tell you that you can control virtual objects under your vision? Amazing, right?

Introducing, the Apple AR Glasses. These glasses have the potential in revolutionizing the tech industry. AR means Augmented Reality. This is much better than VR (Virtual Reality) because you need to wear gear to be able to utilize it. You might not notice it but the AR feature is already up on the market. AR is a ground-breaking invention that lets you experience the virtual elements in the real world.

In this video, we will tackle the Best Features that Apple has to offer about their new AR Glasses.


You can now control your vision by using virtual objects that can detect real people and navigate around them. Crazy write? It’s like making your virtual environment in your own phase.

This is great for people who like to do many things all at once. These Glasses symbolize the next generation’s productivity.

The AR feature lets you experience another world of productivity all the time.

Imagine having the means to watch movies in any position you like or even while walking. Talk with your friends and family 24/7 whenever and wherever. You can now dance with your favorite virtual Zumba instructor without looking at the television all the time.

Cook your own favorite food while watching tutorials without having to wash your hands all the time just to check the steps on your phone.

For all designers out there, this device is perfect for you. It lets you visualize your creativity in the real world.



Navigating online maps through the phone is sometimes confusing. The application sometimes shows different routes that are different from the destination you want to go to. With Apple AR Glasses, you can use the virtual arrow on your screen that leads in the right direction at a specific moment. The Glasses use multiple camera sensors for tracking the environment.



To be able to handle heavy tasks including smart displays, wireless signals, and LiDAR programs, the device will need a big battery capacity. It is not just the appearance of the item that needs to level up, but also, its performance. With modern technology, Apple lessens the processing in the Glasses with the help of a smartphone to handle other tasks. Basically, the Apple AR Glasses will just show the display. The company uses a sleek design to maximize the battery life and to be able to keep up with the community standards. If you’re not doing tasks that need heavy processing, It can last up to 8 hours of battery life.



Have you watched any Iron Man movies and thinking, “I want to have my own Jarvis”?

Introducing, Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video Face Recognition that allows the user to recognize objects to browse footage in a more simplified way. This feature is already added in iOS back in 2019 and was merely an enhancement of iOS 14’s security feature. If you frequently having a bad time recognizing people, the device will classify their identity for you once they approach the camera.

How does it work? Thanks to the facial recognition data software in Apple’s Photos app, LiDAR sensors will create data that contains the identity of a person. Not only it can display names, but it can also show important information or tasks you needed to do related to that person. It is now safer to use since Apple limits its data set based on the stored information on the user’s iPhone.


Apple wants a safe community for everyone, not just their customers. Thus, the company incorporates the Privacy Focus to limit the sensors of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) on the display. This will ensure the safety of both parties in terms of legal confidentiality. You don’t have to worry about other people peeking into your business, note that only the user can view the content on the glasses.

Apple AR Glasses are best to pair with their VR Headset for authentication purposes. This will allow the user to unlock the device immediately without manually setting up biometrics through your phone.



Just like a smartphone, you will see a customized home screen through your glasses. Apple is expected to adopt the company’s iconography and UI for an AR interface.

The LiDAR sensor plays a big role in controlling the device. It will eliminate the use of other equipment to control the software by tracking one’s gestures. This will boost the gaming experience on another level.

The user can also see incoming iMessage overlaid in real-life using the glasses. Its LiDAR feature enables the device to track movements such as head tilt, eye tracking, and other gestures to control the surface and ensure the displayed objects’ accuracy.



You can now travel anywhere you want without fear of getting lost because of miscommunication with the natives of the country. The AR Glasses, powered by a new Translation app in iOS 14, will allow Siri to translate real-time conversation with high accuracy. You don’t need to set the type of language or manually type what you hear. The application will automatically detect the language and translate it for your convenience. The device’s language recognition and live translation features are a lifesaver and let you enjoy traveling to foreign countries even more.