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15 BEST Time Management Tips and Studying Techniques for Students

15 BEST Time Management Tips and Studying Techniques for Students

It’s not easy to get away with procrastination. All you need is hard work and dedication to make the dream work. Let’s level up your studying habits with these time management strategies proven to work 100% by top university students.


Planner Applications

To stay organized, list all the things you need to do for each subject. I’m sure you’ve done this before manually, but you need to step up the game and try any project management tool available out there.

Here are my recommendations to track your to-do list:

All of these are free! I used these apps and I’m sure these will help you too.

3 BEST FREE alternatives to Asana Project Management Tool 2021


Google Calendar

Google Calendar planner board view for tasks and schedule

If you have a planner that doesn’t have a calendar integration, use Google Calendar. For online classes, your google meeting classes are automatically synced here. Plus, it’s better to see how many days are left before your exams.


Develop a Routine

Doing the same things every day will program your brain to create a habit. Wake up at the same time each day and set a schedule for yourself.


Plan Ahead

Make a Kanban list and separate each subject. In that way, you won’t miss any assignments and you can track your progress every time.

Here’s my Kanban list on Quire:

Quire productivity tool kanban board view free app

If you’re a student and don’t have a budget yet, Quire has a free plan you can use, and it does amazing things! It’s the best free tool for me.

It’s best to plan at night and list all the things you want to do for the next day. It will motivate you to be productive and finish your tasks before the deadlines.


Be Realistic

Speaking of planning ahead, make sure to set realistic goals for each day. Only list the things you can accomplish for one day. In that way, you will not be overwhelmed by those things you need to do.


Divide Projects into Smaller Parts

If you see a project that you don’t feel like doing, divide it into smaller manageable segments. In that way, you can start step by step and it will increase your urge to finish it since it will only take a bit of your time to accomplish a small task for each day.

If you’ve started the project, trust me, you will end up finishing other small tasks as well. It’s a win-win situation for you!ClickUp productivity tool app creating task card with subtasks


Focus One Thing at a Time

You might feel unmotivated if you’ll see the number of tasks you need to accomplish. To finish them on time, don’t do multi-tasking. Set specific tasks you can do for each day. Focus on finishing a single task before you can move on to others.


Prioritize Tasks

To avoid cramming, especially in college, do tasks whose due date is sooner than others. Learn how to prioritize the things you need to do first before moving on to other tasks.


Track Your Work

Ever missed passing an assignment because you lose track of time? Or perhaps, you’re unaware of each tasks’ deadlines?

To avoid these stressful situations, use your planner app and put the due date for each assignment. If you use a project management tool, there is a calendar and timeline view to track your work.

Quire tool schedule productivity tool timeline view for tasks


Say No to Distractions

Our generation has the hardest challenge to get away from distractions. Don’t waste your time using social media without tracking how long you’re procrastinating.

To avoid distractions, the best time to do your assignments is when you’re charging your phone. Make sure to log out of your social accounts and turn your devices into silent mode.

It is also important to have a quiet and comfortable study place.

student holding phone laptop studying


Pomodoro App

If you’re still struggling to avoid distractions, use a timer or any Pomodoro app to utilize your time effectively. The way how Pomodoro app works, you can set a timer for 25 minutes to do work and 5 minutes to take a break. You can customize the cycle and duration of the app.

I use this free google chrome Pomodoro app to manage my time.

Pomodoro timer for studying schedule productivity list of tasks
Pomodoro Timer 35 minutes red tomato time management tips


Lo-Fi Music

The best way to avoid distractions is to play relaxing music to keep you going. It will enhance your concentration and make you feel at ease.

Lofi music for studying - live on YouTube - a girl studying on table

There is a lot of lo-fi music for studying on YouTube and Spotify. I like listening to live lo-fi music on YouTube with everyone else online. It’s a good feeling to virtually study with other people online!


Choose Your Groupmates Wisely or Work Alone

If you’re still in high school, you might not realize it yet but choosing a group that you can work with is crucial. You don’t want to work with other people who are not putting in effort just like as you do.

You have the right to choose between working with a group of people or work alone. Personally, I like working alone in college for some tasks that I can manage.

  • Better time management
  • Work in your own schedule
  • You’re in command and you can control everything
  • Tasks are done fast
  • Quality work outcomes
  • Less drama


Set a Day Off

Being a good student doesn’t mean that you have to study all the time. Avoid feeling burnt out and take a day off each week.



After accomplishing tasks and passing the exam, you deserve a celebration! Pat yourself in the back and congratulate yourself.

Take a few days off, do things you like, eat your favorite food and do everything else that will release your stress.



It takes a lot of determination to create a good study habit. Believe in yourself and you will graduate with flying colors! I am a student, and I did these steps to pass my exams. If I can do it, you can too. Good luck!

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