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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Creative Thinking

Creativity is one’s ability to create something that will develop a particular idea make it a reality. In entrepreneurship, creative thinking is a skill characterized by entrepreneurs to create a product or service for a successful business venture.

Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship Definition, Difference, Examples

Innovative thinking

Innovation is creating a new product or service or a better version of something that already exists in the market.


Intelligence in Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship

To be able to produce innovation, an entrepreneur needs a lot of requirements to make it work and it includes intelligence. A person’s intelligence made the innovation process seamless and less likely to produce an error, thus, it saves time and money. It is also clinically proven that intelligent people tend to be more innovative than others.

Creativity is the step needed to produce innovation. It is one of the ingredients to make innovation were in a set of creativity, critical thinking, decision-making skills, adequate plan, resources, and other requirements combined to produce innovation.

Example of Creativity and Innovation

  • Creating a new payment method for the students to pay their tuition fees
  • Inventing a device to track each order in a restaurant
  • Upgrading a pen stylus’ capability to make it compatible with any modern devices

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