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Importance of Standard Unit of Measurement - SSLC

Importance of Standard Unit of Measurement - SSLC

Standard Sea-level Condition or SSLC values are important to measure substance and convert measurements in different system units: English to Universal or vice versa.


Why is it important to have a standard unit of measure?

Standard Sea-Level Condition (SSLC) for parameters is important to eliminate errors in measuring a substance, especially in solving. It will make the result of an experiment more accurate and reliable so many people would come up with the same understanding, results, or measurements.

Why is the metric system important?

Why is metric better than imperial? The metric system is created in France in 1840 and now is the most used measuring unit all over the world. Before civilization, each country has its way of measuring units.


 In fact, in 1875, an international agreement or the convention of the international standards for metric, length and mass to make refinements in the metric system. The Metric system made it easier to compare different units.


Why do we use the metric system?

Because of the concept introduced by France, the metric system provides unity in measuring substances to adopt the same understanding.


Scientists want to have a standard way of measuring substances that everyone in the world can analyze and understand. In our everyday life, standard units will make things more accurate and reliable.


The measurements were derived based on nature and the earth’s features. For example, a gram which is a unit of mass is derived from one cubic centimeter of water at its temperature of maximum density.


The metric system was made with many considerations. Each unit was created to make life easier. For example, the unit is divisible or counted by 10 such as: 1000 gram = 1 kg; 10 mm = 1 cm = 0.1 m. This system made it easier to calculate measurements than the obsolete systems proposed by the English system unit.

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