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Brainstorming vs Reverse Brainstorming

What is Reverse Brainstorming? Brainstorming vs Reverse Brainstorming

Reverse Brainstorming: Meaning

Definition: The reverse brainstorming method is where the participants are allowed to criticize ideas. This is a good way to overcome the problems or the negative side of the ideas to produce more feasible products or services.

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Reverse Brainstorming in Entrepreneurship

Reverse brainstorming is where a brainstorming session starts with the formation of the problem statement. Six to twelve individuals record their session. Note that these individuals are not an expert in the field.

Problem: Developing a healthy lifestyle

Reverse brainstorming ideas:

– Eat more healthy food

– Sleeping habit

– Daily Exercise

What is the best method in generating new ideas?

Nowadays, there are many products and services already invented to the people’s needs. The best way to generate new ideas is by problem inventory and analysis.

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By asking the customers the problems they encounter, the enterprise will gain new ideas on how to improve or make a product that will satisfy their needs. If the customers see a product or service that solves their problems, there is a higher chance that they will buy their product. Thus, more income.

In conclusion, problem inventory and analysis generate the best ideas and solutions using the customers’ problems. This is not just effective but also gives feasible new ideas.

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