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Social Entrepreneurship, Ethical and Unethical Behavior

Social Entrepreneurship, Ethical and Unethical Behavior

Characteristics Of Social Entrepreneurship

Here are the lists of characteristics to be a social entrepreneur:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Being optimistic, innovative, and responsible
  • Willingness to take risks and face challenges
  • Care for the environment and the economic growth of the country
  • Ability to maximize the use of technology to provide to the communities
Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship Definition, Difference, Examples

Social Entrepreneurship Examples:

Well-known Social Entrepreneur in the Philippines:

  • Charlene Tan, the founder of Good Food Corporation, promotes an innovative food system that focuses on ecological farming to change the world.

They help local farmers with their operations and do programs to raise awareness about the importance of ecosystems.

  • Allister Roy Chua, the founder of Roots Collective PH, aims to help the communities promote local products for everyday life.
  • Angie Ipong is a famous social entrepreneur in the country that promotes helping the farmers with their rights.
  • Zenaida Soriano spends 20 years of her life supporting her organization named “Amihan Women,” aiming to help women farmers to gain their social rights.

Ethical and Unethical Behavior

How important are Ethical behaviors in any organization?

Social entrepreneurs focus on the execution based on ethical and environmental considerations to achieve the best results. This action is made for marginalized people to gain adequate sustainability. Getting hands-on in the execution process will build a long-term relationship with stakeholders to achieve systematic change.


Ethical and Unethical Behavior

Right ethical behaviors make the relationship among the organization and its employees harmonize with each other. Thus, resulting in more effective operations. It also helps to figure out the relation of the organization to society by thinking about the communities and environment and how they can help develop it. Ethical behaviors are unwritten rules to guide people about what is acceptable and unacceptable.


Unethical Business Practices Example:

Environmental illegal activities:

Some businesses like the Aristocrat Restaurant, Gloria Maris Restaurant, and a water treatment facility near Manila Bay are temporarily closed by DENR last 2019 due to environmental law violation of RA 9275 Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources found that they have been discharging pollutive wastewater to Manila Bay.



To stop this unethical and illegal activity, the companies should adopt the comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program provided by the DENR. They should obey the environmental laws to protect the water resources.

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