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Sustainable Development: Definition, Examples, Ecopreneur

Sustainable Development: Definition, Examples, Ecopreneur

Sustainable development is projects and programs that aim to help the economy and environment. These are related to the creation of products and services that the consumers can use while helping us to reduce our waste.

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Here is an example of Sustainable Development projects by the government or and private organizations:

  • Pentatonic, A European mobilizer firm, makes all its furnishings from the trash after consumption to continue reusing the materials.  The company recycle its goods and bring them to the product’s supply chain.


  • Method, A soap company, introduced an ocean-based, recycled plastic dish and hand soap to raise awareness about global wastes.

Sustainable development satisfies the needs of the present world without endangering the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs.  To conserve the planet’s wealth, sustainable development has continued to grow and its genuine purpose is to manage world resources.


With this, the economic projects made by the government and private institutions satisfy all needs without leaving future generations with less natural resources than the present time. Sustainable development minimizes the depletion of natural resources when creating new opportunities.

Sustainable Development Project: Ecopreneur

Ecopreneurs are environmental entrepreneurs that create products from recyclable raw materials.


Example of Ecopreneurship Project:

I would like to produce pandan leaves as the primary material in making pots to replace plastics in the market. It is a sustainable alternative made by local weavers and farmers in our country.  Many people thought it will not last for a year, but it is a long-lasting biodegradable product. After reaching the target sales with this project, I would like to use pandan leaves to replace plastic bags and food packaging.

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